Thursday, September 18, 2014

Post 10; Knickerbocker Glory

On Dudley Dursley's birthday while at the Zoo, Dudley ordered a Knickerbocker glory after lunch, but threw a tantrum that it did not have enough ice cream on top. So his father ordered him another one and gave the rest of the first one to Harry. 
A Knickerbocker glory is an ice cream sundae that is served in a large tall glass, particularly in the United Kingdom. There is no precise recipe; it can contain a wide variety of ingredients including: ice cream, jelly, cream, meringue, fruit, and even alcohol. It can then be topped with various kinds of syrup, nuts, whipped cream and cherries.
The weekend before last was beautiful so we hopped in the car and drove out to a neighboring town that has a petting zoo and farm stand. This "fall" hit hard starting mid-august with day time temperatures that have been in the 40-50s all through September. I'm not a fan of such weather, BUT it was in the mid 60's and oh so sunny so we took advantage of it while we could!  This "zoo" is mainly rescued farm animals and a few unusual/exotics like two deer whose mother was hit by car and were bottle fed and tended by the woman who owns it and a pair of crotchety emu.  Now we didn't have the Knickerbocker glory until the other day, this isn't a real recipe just a basic blueprint.

Knickerbocker Glory

Ice cream

Whipped cream
Syrup or jam
Anything else you'd like

For the ice cream we used some coconut milk that was left over from making the coconut whipped cream(see link below) 3 frozen VERY ripe bananas and a tbsp. coconut sugar blended up and put in the freezer to firm up we didn't let in in there long enough 30 plus min would be good.

Syrup   was a bit of left over coconut milk, 1/2 cup frozen raspberries and a tbsp.  of sugar blended smooth.

Fruit we used was fresh sliced peaches and dark purple grapes

On the bottom of your cup add your fruit top with a scoop of the ice cream then syrup and whipped cream on top add vegan cookie wafer and enjoy! Mine doesn't look pretty like other pictures on line as my ice cream was too soft still, but it tasted great!!!! 

Some ZOO pictures:

V and her favorite of all animals.
V getting doe kisses

Crotchety Emu

A getting slobbered on ;)

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