Thursday, September 3, 2015

MoFo Day 3: Quick and Easy Spinach Pasta

Hello again! Thanks for joining me on day three for Vegan Month of food! Today’s prompt is; Quick, easy and delicious. I’m going to share with you my girls favorite pasta dish that they ask for multiple times a week. Normally I don’t measure anything and simply adjust taste as I go so feel free to change whatever to suit your needs. And to be honest I’d have added at least an extra cup of pasta if we hadn’t been out. This made two  servings though it could be stretched to three had I made side dishes or had soup to go with it. My 10 and 7 year old each had a plate like you see below.

Spinach Pasta 

~2 servings alone or 3 with side dishes

2 cups pasta
We like to use cavatappi, elbows or gemelli but you can use any. Unless you are cooking for two people you should increase pasta accordingly; if using cavatappi 1c per person.
1.5c frozen spinach

One large onion (yellow, white, or sweet) or about 1.5 cups  diced
¼ tsp Black Pepper
½ tsp. Salt
1tsp.  Garlic powder
1 to 1 ½ Tbsp. Sweet Paprika
¼ c. water from the boiling pasta or more as needed
Butter or oil; I used the spoonful of earth balance you can see in the 3rd collage picture

Depending on the amount of noodles bring the frozen spinach and necessary amount of water in an appropriately sized pot to a boil. Add Pasta and cook per package instructions.  Strain with a fine holes strainer so you don’t lose your spinach down the drain.

Dice onions and start sautéing on medium high while water comes to a boil and the pasta cooks. Adjust oil/butter as needed you don’t want the onions sticking but you don’t want them soupy. Cook until fully cooked and most of the onions are getting nicely browned. Reduce heat to low add liquid from the boiling pasta. It’s okay if stray spinach finds its way in; do try to avoid bigger pieces, add remainder of sauce ingredients mix very well. 

You want it a bit gravy like but not too runny (see second picture below) if you cooked the onions in a large enough pan you can simply dump the drained pasta into the onion mixture mix well and serve or you can add the onion to the pasta I refer the first way since you get all the flavor clinging to the bottom of the pan BUT honestly it doesn’t matter which way you do it.
Adjust to taste and enjoy!!

I measured out the spices  like I normally would thinking we had more pasta If I had made the full  3-4 servings I’d have used 2c. Frozen spinach, a full 2c.of diced onion and probably more salt, an extra shake of garlic powder, a touch more oil, and more water from the pasta to make the sauce work with the quantity of pasta, but I wouldn’t double everything.


  1. Paprika and onions are such a winning combination! Mmmm!

    1. Oh I agree 100% my grandma would basically do the same thing minus the spinach and serve it over her dumplings which were amazing! my cousins and I would fight over who got seconds they were so good! Still working on making a dumpling that tastes like hers without the egg.

  2. Can't go wrong with pasta for a quick & delicious meal!

    1. I agree!! When we switched from a standard American diet to vegetarian/vegan household pasta was a lifesaver where the kids were involved they at the time were 8 and 5 years old(10 and 7 now) needless today they weren't THRILLED with the change at first.

  3. Mmmm my mom makes something almost exactly like this! I don't think she uses paprika, but otherwise it's spot on. So good, and comforting!

  4. I love cavatappi pasta - I don't know why, but in my mind, it seems to make everything taste that little bit better. And spinach and paprika are already pretty good to start with!

  5. That sauce looks soooo good cooking up with those caramelized onions! Cavatappi is one of my favorite shapes.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Totally looks like something I would make and eat often!