Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Post 17; Molly's salad

"By seven o'clock, the two tables were groaning under dishes and dishes of Mrs. Weasley's excellent cooking, and the nine Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione were settling themselves down to eat beneath a clear, deep-blue sky. To somebody who had been living on meals of increasingly stale cake all summer, this was paradise, and at first, Harry listened rather than talked as he helped himself to chicken and ham pie, boiled potatoes, and salad." -Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Chapter Five
But when were they going to see him? Nobody seemed too bothered with a precise date. Hermione had scribbled I expect we'll be seeing you quite soon inside his birthday card, but how soon was soon? As far as Harry could tell from the vague hints in their letters, Hermione and Ron were in the same place, presumably at Ron's parents' house. He could hardly bear to think of the pair of them having fun at The Burrow when he was stuck in Privet Drive. In fact, he was so angry with them he had thrown away, unopened, the two boxes of Honeydukes chocolates they'd sent him for his birthday. He'd regretted it later, after the wilted salad Aunt Petunia had provided for dinner that night."- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter One

 Thankfully this time if year there is still plenty from the garden, and even better I don't have to deal with the pesky garden  gnomes. Super quick post it's a beautiful day and winter will be here much sooner than I'm ready for.Yes I realize it was just the autumn equinox however in northern upper Michigan by Halloween it's about "winter" as far as donning parkas, knit hats scarves and gloves anytime you venture outdoors but today is 70 and SUNNY and there are adventures to be had! This is our go too "meal salad"

*One head of romaine lettuce cut up. You could use any green you like.
* One cucumber sliced, peeled if older/not organic.
* 1-2 roasted beets quartered and sliced depending on size and number of people eating.
* 1 can dark red kidney beans drained and rinsed well.
* 3Tbsp hemp hearts
* liberal dousing of balsamic vinegar
* Kalamata olives sliced
* Cauliflower
~Optional but great~
* Grated carrot
* Boiled potato(cold/ room temp)
* pea sprouts
* Sugar snap peas
* Marinated and baked tofu
*green onions or chives
*finely cut cabbage

Chop, grate, and slice to preferred size. Throw everything in the bowl but keep the beets on top, go to town shaking on the balsamic  mix and enjoy!!

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